What is Airsoft?

The concept of Airsoft is quite simple: opposing teams are set a variety of tasks to achieve. Now that task might be as simple as catching the opponents’ flag (a hangover from Paintball), clearing an area of enemy players or a more complex task such as finding and securing a downed pilot and escorting him back to the safety of your base whilst fending off the opposing team of fifty or so players all within a 30 minute game time.

Airsoft can be played in a variety of locations, from dense woodland to office blocks, warehouses or even abandoned military facilities, there really is something for everybody!

So how do you know you’ve been hit? Well first of all, you will feel it! But at the end of the day it’s all about honour, knowing when you have been hit and calling yourself out. To help ensure a level playing field, marshals and playing marshals will be scattered around the site to ensure that all players are calling there hits and playing within the rules.

Airsoft Meme

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