Common Airsoft Terms!

Common terms you will hear during a typical game of Airsoft!

  • Game On! – This indicates the start of the game
  • End-Ex! – This indicates the end of a game
  • Cease Fire! – Stop shooting immediately
  • FOB – Forward Operating Base
  • HIT! – This indicates a player has been killed
  • MEDIC! – This indicates a player has been killed, and requires a medic
  • Frag Out! (Grenade!) – This indicates a player is about to throw a grenade
  • Knife Kill – This is when a player kills an opponent at close range using a rubber knife
  • Surrender- This is when a player can choose to surrender instead of being shot at close range
  • Overkill – This is when a player continuously shoots another player who is already hit
  • Blind Firing – This is when a player is shooting without looking at his target, ie around a corner or over a wall

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